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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
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American College of Norway: Full Semester
Moss, Norway

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: WCU's partnership with the American College of Norway allows students to spend a full semester abroad in Moss, Norway.  About ACN American College of Norway (ACN) was founded in 1991 to offer an international American [...]
Conference, Research, or Performance Abroad
Non-Affiliate Location, United States

Terms: Fall, Spring, Summer I, Summer II, Winter
Description: Students who are travelling overseas to represent West Chester University individually at a conference, for a research project, or for a performance must register online.  Click the Apply Now button above to begin.
Exchange Program: Chinese Culture University of Taiwan (Exchange)
Taipei, Taiwan

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: West Chester University has a exchange agreement with Chinese Culture University in Yangmingshan in Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan forstudents wishing to spend a semester abroad. Please click here for more information about Chinese Cultural Univ ersity. Students[...]
Exchange Program: Hosei University
Tokyo, Japan

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: West Chester University has an exchange agreement with Hosei University in Tokyo, Japan.  During the Academic Year of 2014/15, 2 students from each institution will be participating in this exchange during both the fall and spring semesters. &nb sp;For[...]
Exchange Program: University of Kassel - Germany (Exchange)
Kassel, Germany

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: West Chester University has a exchange agreement with the University of Kassel in central Germany for students wishing to spend a semester abroad. Please click here for more information about the University of Kassel. Students who partic ipate[...]
Exchange Program: University of Ulsan - South Korea (Exchange)
Ulsan, South Korea

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: West Chester University has an exchange agreement with the University of Ulsan in South Korea. Click here for more information about the University of Ulsan. Contact Jeff Conradi, for more information.
IAU- J-Term
Aix-en-Provence, France; Athens, Greece; Casablanca, Morocco; Cordoba, Spain; Granada, Spain; London, United Kingdom; Marseille, France; Paris, France; Prague, Czech Republic; Rabat, Morocco; Rome, Italy

Terms: Winter
Description: Overview IAU College is pleased to offer four January Term Programs. These programs are designed for students interested in an academic and cultural experience abroad. The academic component of each program consists of a series of briefings from l eading[...]
IAU/WCU Travelling Seminar in France, Morrocco, Gibralter, and Spain
Aix-en-Provence, France; Casablanca, Morocco; Cordoba, Spain; Gibraltar, Gibraltar; Granada, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Marrakech, Morocco; Marseille, France; Paris, France; Rabat, Morocco; Sevilla, Spain; Toledo, Spain

Terms: Winter
Description: WCU/IAU CO-SPONSORED PROGRAM J-TERM TRAVELING SEMINAR Europe and the Islamic World   WCU and IAU College's co-sponsored January Term (J-Term) Traveling Seminar is designed for students interested in an academic and cultur al[...]
Media in London
London, United Kingdom

Terms: Summer II
Description: Summer II 2014 Media In London Dr. Ed Lordan is once again bringing his Media Studies course to Europe, this time to London in 2014.   Click here for a course syllabus, which also includes a detailed itinerary.  Please note that the f irst[...]
Modern Physics in London (Physics 240)
London, United Kingdom

Terms: Summer I
Description: Please follow the links below for information about an an exciting opportunity to study in London with Physics Professor Matt Waite.  Pictured on the right are WCU students who attended this program in 2011.   http://co [...]
Service Learning Program: Dance in London
London, United Kingdom

Terms: Summer I
Description: The Claremont Project in London, England has extended an offer to host West Chester University students for a 1 week dance residency program, culminating in a perfomance. Click here to learn more about the Claremont project. A detailed itinerar y[...]
Spanish 101 in Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Terms: Summer I
Description: This Summer, WCU is offering the unique opportunity to take Spanish 101 in beautiful Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  Click here for all of the details, and contact Dr. Alice Speh for additional details. 
Spring Break: Special Education in The Bahamas
Eleuthera, Bahamas

Terms: Spring
Description: WCU offers the opportunity for Education students to travel to Eleuthra, The Bahamas and work directly with Special Education students during Spring Break.  Participants have been selected for 2014, and will need to hit the "apply now" [...]
Student Teaching in the Bahamas
Eleuthera, Bahamas

Terms: Spring
Description:  Participants that have been selected for Student Teaching in the Bahamas in the Spring of 2014 will need to hit the "apply now" and digitally sign or upload the posted items to complete their file.   Students interested in a pplying[...]
Tropical Ecology in Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Terms: Spring
Description: During the spring semester, qualifying students have the opportunity to enroll in BIO 435 Course Topics in Biology - Tropical Ecology with Dr. Jessica Schedlbauer, which will travel to Puerto Rico during Spring Break.  It will be an intensive, f ield-based[...]
US-China Student Summit
Beijing, China; Shanghai, China

Terms: Summer I
Description: All students who are attending the U.S.-China Student Summit with Dr. Wang in the Summer of 2014 must complete all online forms.   Please click the "Apply Now" button to begin and contact Jeff Conradi Project Director at the Center [...]
WCU Nursing in South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

Terms: Winter, Year
Description: Spend 25 days in South Africa for a foundational experience in your career in Nursing or interest in Women's Health, Global Health of Women and Children, HIV/AIDS pandemic, Mindfulness Medication and Compassion.  [...]
WCU in Norway - Summer 2014
Moss, Norway

Terms: Summer I
Description: PROGRAM DESCRIPTION AND ITINERARY Program Name: Summer Study in Norway Host Institution  American College of Norway   ACADEMICS Visit the American College of Norway website for course information, http://www.ameri[...]
WCU in Rosario, Argentina
Rosario, Argentina

Terms: Summer I
Description: During the Summer 1 Session in 2014 Dr. Marcos Campillo-Fenoll, will be leading a program to Rosario, Argentina. West Chester University and the Universidad de Centro Educativo Latinoamericano (UCEL) established this program in  2012. Student s[...]
WCU in Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

Terms: Summer I
Description: In the Summer of 2014, WCU is launching it's first ever program in Rwanda.  This program is a collaboration between Department of Psychology and the Department of History, and offers students interested in the fields of Aninimal Behavior, Py chology,[...]
WCU/IAU College in Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Terms: Summer I
Description: Summer 2014-  Join WCU Languages and Cultures Professors Dr. Maria Van Liew and Dr. Israel Sanz in Barcelona, Spain through a partnership with IAU College! Please click here to download a flyer      Click the &qu ot;Apply[...]
Winter Session: Rafiki Africa Foundation Program
Kisumu, Kenya

Terms: Winter
Description: All students who have been selected to the 2015 Rafiki Foundation Program with Dr. Beatrice Adera and Dr. Claire Verdan must hit the "apply now" button above and the complete the posted set of forms.  Click here to download a budget sh eet[...]
Winter Session: WCU in Costa Rica
Heredia, Costa Rica

Terms: Winter
Description: Study Abroad in Costa Rica at the Universidad Nacional with WCU Professor Ana Sanchez! Winter Session 2015   WCU's winter program in Costa Rica is usually one of the university's most popular study abroad programs, applications are be ing[...]